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Terms and Conditions for Meeting Planners

  • The Caribe™ Community, which includes Caribe Royale and Buena Vista Suites, can now award points to Stash Hotel Rewards® members who book meetings or events at Caribe Royale and/or Buena Vista Suites. These Stash Planner Points are calculated differently from the primary Stash Hotel Rewards® program.
  • Under the Stash Planner Points program, planner(s) will be awarded Stash Hotel Rewards® Points for group room nights. The room blocks must actualize with at least 10 rooms on one night to earn Stash Planner Points.
  • To qualify for Stash Planner Points, planner must be a member of Stash Hotel Rewards® program, and must be employed by the organization hosting or the organization that hosted or booked the meeting/event when the Stash Hotel Rewards® Points are awarded.
  • Stash Hotel Rewards® Points are issued only to Planner(s) named in the contract for the meeting or event. Should the Planner no longer be employed by the company having the meeting prior to the Stash Planner Points being issued, the contracting company may name a substitute Planner to receive the Stash Planner Points. Stash Planner Points may be split between a maximum of three eligible Planners who must be named in the contract. The combined Stash Planner Points awarded may not exceed the maximum allowed per meeting, which is 250,000 points.
  • Planner(s) must provide his/her Stash Hotel Rewards® member ID in the contract in order to be eligible for Stash Planner Points. Stash Hotel Rewards® utilizes the member’s email address as their member ID.
  • A maximum of 250,000 Stash Planner Points per meeting/event applies, excluding special Stash Hotel Rewards® or property promotions and incentives. There is no limit to the number of meetings per year or total Stash Planner Points that can be earned per year.
  • With the exception of special promotions and incentives, fifty (50) Stash Hotel Rewards® Points for every paid and consumed room night are earned for eligible group business.
  • For group room night credit, the meeting must be contracted through the sales department.
  • Planner(s) do not have to be present (on-site) during the meeting to earn Stash Planner Points.
  • Planners may not redeem their earned Stash Planner Points toward another meeting.
  • Stash Hotel Rewards® Points and Stash Planner Points have no cash value and cannot be credited toward a master account. At this time, points cannot be transferred to another loyalty points program or to another Stash Hotel Rewards® member.
  • Stash Planner Points will be awarded once the master account has been paid in full. Please allow 14 business days for the points to appear in your account.
  • The Caribe™ Community reserve the right to modify, change or terminate any of the terms and conditions of the Program at any time, without notice.
  • Void where prohibited by law.
  • Use of Stash Hotel Rewards® Points is subject to terms and conditions of the Stash Hotel Rewards® program, which is subject to change at any time, without notice, and can be viewed at According to the current Stash Hotel Rewards® program, points do not expire.
  • Planner is responsible for notifying his/her employer, principal and/or client of any Stash Planner Points received from The Caribe™ Community, and shall comply with their company's incentive policies. Planner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Caribe™ Community, Sierra Land, Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates from any liability, costs and/or damages relating to claims of any third party arising from a failure to disclose the receipt of Stash Planner Points or any other incentives. Such costs may include the cash value of any incentives that are paid directly to Planner’s employer, principal and/or client in response to a claim hereunder.


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